Our Vision

Our Vision:

To empower victims and survivors to flourish freely and live happy.

Our Mission

Our Mission:

To empower all victims and survivors to fully understand the truth about the subtle signs of domestic violence; to provide a safe haven for them; and making them feel loved, safe, valued, and appreciated.

Our Core Values


Safety First: We believe your safety is very paramount. That is usually the first question we ask; “Are you safe?” Having freedom from any form of harm and abuse is an integral tool to healing. We understand that this is one of the basic human rights of all individuals. 

We work to help survivors heal from their broken state to their beautifully authentic state



We create awareness and educate the people and the young adults to recognize the pertinent red flags in any relationships via our podcast.

We offer self-mastery and self-re-discovery mastermind coaching where victims and survivors can become fully aware of themselves; having a renewed mindset and extending this awareness to others.


We carry out webinars and seminars which is geared towards empowering survivors to fully come to the full realization and appreciate their true unique authentic self.

These webinars and seminars foster hope as the key to our existence, resilience which is the ability to persevere and to achieve goals, and emotional intelligence and mastermind courses.

These courses are geared towards improving and transforming their emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological well-being. Making them live a highly purposeful and happy life.

Feeling Stuck? You Don’t Have To Remain Silent; Speak Up!

You do not have to suffer in silent, you do not have to walk this path alone. The journey to self awareness could be very lonely especially if you’re coming from a place of gender based abuse or toxic relationship. A lot of people has gone through this path so that you don’t have to go through it alone. 

The biggest key to unhappiness is being trapped in the web and bothered about the opinion of others. Being trapped in the web of what other people think would prevent you from being your authentic self where you would never be happy. You have to understand this if you are going to succeed in life; other people’s opinion is none of your business!

You are the star of the movie of your life. You are the star on every different scene of your own movie called LIFE. Everybody else is a film extras. Walk as the star of your own movie and be the BEST you can.

Give yourself permission to LOVE yourself unconditionally. Give yourself permission to accept yourself just as you are. When you do; you will begin to move forward on a completely different energy.