Ever Been Betrayed By Someone You Loved & Trusted?

Perhaps you’ve been betrayed by someone you loved & trusted. Or, perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering why your life is filled with disappointment and hardship. Perhaps it’s a painful rejection, shame and humiliation? Or, probably, your life just doesn’t look like the one you’ve envisioned or dreamed of.

Whatever the case may be, it important to note that: All these experiences are shaping and preparing you for the future and purpose that would impact countless lives. You have to understand that many gifts that comes to us are wrapped in a thin layer of something called problems. The strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil; they grow in the strongest wind.

If you want to be the truest version of yourself, when adversity shows up as they will; begin to shift your focus by asking the right questions such as; “what can i learn from this? Who can I become after this phase is over rather than what would i lose?”

If you can focus your mind to see the positive no matter what; to tear off the wrapping paper and peel of the layer of the onion in order to search for the hidden gift in the adversity; you would have the ability to live a life that is an example rather than a warning. And by so doing, you would leave a legacy that transcends not just yourself; but impact many more lives.

“All my painful past experiences has brought forth too many sweet, juicy, beautiful and incredibly pleasant blessings”. ~Noble Ij 

Whatever you’re facing, God has a perfect record of turning around what the enemy meant for evil for our perfect good. He has a perfect record of turning every broken hopes and dreams around for our good and for His glory. He is never late! He has never stopped being good. He is always on time.

No matter the hardships and challenges you may face, be rest assured that; God will continue to show you favor and love especially as you continue to walk with Him. Continue to trust Him even when it doesn’t make sense. As you walk with God, He will direct your paths.

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