Noble Ij is the host of The Beautifully Broken Me Podcast. She is the Founder and CEO of The Beautifully Broken Me Inc. USA. She is an Inspirational Self Mastery Coach, a Certified Relationship and Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Licensed Educator, a super creative writer and a gifted story teller.

In addition, Noble Ij is an artistic milliner and the CEO of NobleIjCollections  which is aimed at; offering women high-quality luxurious hatinators and fascinators which are classy, stylish and suitable for every occasion. She is deeply enthusiastic about helping women boost their confidence by crowning them Queens and making their head do the talking with her beautiful and outstanding masterpiece – fascinators and hatinators.

Having experienced Domestic Violence in not too distant past; Noble Ij finds advocating for women and young adults in debilitating situations absolutely rewarding. She specializes in bringing true transformation to her clients; helping them heal from their past so that they can eliminate self doubts, limiting beliefs and psychological roadblocks that could hinder them from becoming their truest authentic self.

Noble Ij firmly believes that every single person carries a special gift which the world needs. Unfortunately, too many people are stifled and held back by the traumatic stories of their past. Her passion is to reawaken every hurting heart and put a smile on every faces. Helping them build a world where they can be more, do more and have more.

She currently resides in Boston Massachusetts U.S.A and from there she shines out her light to the end of the earth.