She is a young woman who got married at her early twenties where she experienced domestic violence; which almost took her life. Thank God she’s finally free! Setting out in a new trajectory; to a place where her shine will no longer be stolen.

Since then, Noble Ij has become a Domestic violence Advocate, sharing her stories on all platforms; helping people rediscover their true sense of purpose; with practical steps of how traumas and brokenness could become a fuel to a purposeful beautiful life.

Noble Ij is determined to helping people live out their truest dreams, soar, triumph and become highly successful, truly confident and being their authentic self in a way that is originally intended.

For Me The Greatest Bondage Was:

Staying In Limbo…and that feeling of I worthlessness; low self-worth, self confidence or self image. Because of a consistent pattern of verbal abuse.

I had was also had a taste of spiritual abused so

I did not know my purpose, true value and femininity.

Can you relate?

😢 Do you feel invisible, having a faded version of yourself?

😢 Do you feel you’ll always want to censor your thoughts whenever you want to say something?

😢 Do you feel unloved, walking on eggshells and constantly afraid?

😢 Do you feel worn out/down trying to fit into other people’s expectations and denying your own self expression?

😢 Do you always shy away from the spotlight; having no self-confidence in yourself?

😢 Does discovering your true sense of self-worth seem like an endless unrealistic journey?

😢 Are you always second guessing yourself; having a deep sense of self-doubt?

😢Do you always play small; allowing yourself to feel less and to be seen as less?

This was me until I stepped into PURPOSE…Praise GOD!✨

It was more like stepping into the LIGHT💡 Life made soooo much sense, became very enjoyable and more fulfilling.

Join me in this journey of discovering your true sense of self worth and being all that God wants you to be.