On April 3rd, 2022; we celebrated our one year podcast anniversary. The podcast journey has been challenging yet incredibly rewarding, therapeutic, refreshing and life-transforming. We had 40 incredible guests, 40 wealth of wisdom shared, 40 thought-provoking stories and 40 soul enriching contents. It was 12 months of consistency💯 no-breaks! We released 52 weekly episodes every Monday for a whole year. In 12 months, we have connected through some of the most insightful, mind-blowing and jaw-dropping conversations with amazing guests from all over the world. We have laughed, we cried, we had moments of silence and sober reflections. We discussed some very hard topics and lessons which brought healing and inspiration to my listeners across the world. It has been a great honor to serve you this one year.  We literally can’t wait to serve you in a better style and format. We love you!

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about beautifully broken me


The strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how you define yourself- Your Identity”. ~Tony Robins…

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Begin Your Journey To Freedom

No matter how broken you might think you are; there is always room for a fresh start…

Meet Noble IJ

You Don’t Have To Stay Silent

There is no story anybody has ever heard that someone has not experienced. The more vulnerable and open you’re with your story…

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Regardless of how bad the situation is, the first step towards freedom is to come forward and seek help. You don’t have to go through this alone.